Do Not Fall

March 25, 2013
Left alone to pick up the shards
Of your broken heart.
Because they left you behind;
They ran away,
And you fell again.
Why did you fall to begin with?
Hasn’t anyone told you?
Never, ever fall in love.
Only love.
No matter what.

They may smile.
They may say, “I love you.”
They may hold your hand.
They may seem like everything.
They may be perfect.
Do not fall for the perfection.
Do not fall in love.
Only love them.
No matter what.

Anyone can tell
From your broken heart,
Sad eyes,
Small voice,
Unanswered calls,
That you have fallen.
You mustn’t fall in love.
Hasn’t anyone told you?
Just love,
Don’t fall into it.
Because everything that falls

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