What is it?

March 16, 2013
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I looked into his eyes
It was his heart against mine 
There was a question lurking about 
And we had to decide 
If this was love or a fight. 
He was ravenous, 
An animal on the loose, 
And on his footprints,
I could see the blood from all the broken hearts he had collected. 
Giving up is not my forte, 
Surrendering is not my style, 
But He makes my knees weak,
And puts tears in my eyes.
Is this love or a fight? 
I am engaged in a vicious combat
It was his word against mine 
I seemed to have no control 
But my intent isn't on vanquishing,
Why does he make me feel so wrong
When together we make it right. 
He has calm eyes, chocolate brown,
And his mouth, 
It is set in the perfect frown. 
Maybe I'll give in this once
And believe that this is love. 

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