Man Destroys All

March 15, 2013
It wasn’t the first thing to exist on this planet
And It certainly wasn’t the brightest at first
But slowly It grew in intelligence and physique
Until It conquered all and sat upon a wicked throne

First It ripped the trees up from the ground
Then It pushed back the wave of furious creatures below It in stature
It laughed an evil laugh and kept them in cages
For others like Itself to see and laugh at too

It dug deep into the ground and stole from the Earth precious gems
And soon It gloated over Its sparkling treasure
The glittering pieces soon took over Its life
And thus we see the time Greed was born

It created machines that spouted foul fumes into the air
Making the other creatures choke and cry
Flowers shriveled up and died silent deaths
And even grass parted when It strolled evilly by

One day It will be the cause of Its own downfall
And It will blame all others to regain Its pride
It will rest, rotting, beneath the soil
While the Earth cringes at Its horrid smell

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