Notes in Constellations...or so it's Called (dreamer)

March 20, 2013
That sweet sounding line as it goes: "I see her smile in her sleep and I know that she's a dreamer."
Kaleidoscope dreams, and proverbial nightmares.
Goosebumps: they gleam with it's uprising hairs.
But her nights consist of nightmares.
She only wants to dream.

As mere day breaks and shines,
She wakes ever so beautifully divine.
And it seems that all her troubles -
are vanished and gone.
Little does she know it doubles.
But she didn't do nothing wrong.
Her nights are still with nightmares.
And she still only wants to dream.

Slowly and steady the sun makes it's way.
Gleefully she smiles evermore so gay.
She is still troubled, which still doubled.
She wants them gone, she's done nothing wrong.
She stopped dreaming.

Days continue to shine bright, wakens with such delight.
The soft April breezes dash her face,
She no longer feels the disgrace.
She wants the change, as she watches life in a wild range.
She smiles again and again and again.
Gentle smile, the world sustains.
She starts dreaming.

Birds chirp with flirt and flutter.
Gossip: like nails they spread, that doesn't matter.
And all in life goes swell for the girl with nightmares.
The goosebumps don't gleam with rising hairs.
She took action and changed, no longer estranged.
She falls asleep soundly and shows.
Stars like constellations it glows.
When everything was tearing at it seam.
All it took was a smile and a dream.

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