The Sky

March 19, 2013
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The sky
It’s so big
A mixture of blues,

It reminds me of a rainbow
But it is better
It is always there
Always changing

Changing color
Changing texture
Changing it’s tone

The clouds are the pictures
And it is the canvas
An ever-changing canvas
The various grays that produces water
Or the covering of white that produces snow
The white mist that clouds our vision
Or the black gray that scares us

The sky is so beautiful
I wish I could touch it
Fly higher
So high that I wouldn’t see the ground

No worries except being stuck in the sky
Being part of the sky
Seeing what not many can see
Going where I want to go
Sailing in the ocean of clouds
Watching the sun rise in a whole new light
Seeing the cotton candy clouds
Mix with the snow
Watching as clouds go from gray
Back to its fluffy white

But I am still dreaming
And in my dreams
I am part of the sky

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