The World Grieves with Her

March 18, 2013
It’s wrong. It’s wrong. It’s wrong.
Why is she crying? She has done nothing wrong.

She has done nothing but tried to derive pleasure from pain
And pain from pleasure.

She has failed once again-and the willows weep with her.

The sky cries tears of everlasting sorrow
Which will be recycled and shed again and again
Throughout the eternity of the Earth.

Why does the wind whisper comfortingly to her?

Why to the flowers bend in the drizzle-breeze as if they, too, are mourning her loss?

Is it in the Earth’s very nature to grieve for lost love?

If she had a penny for every time he had disappointed her,
she would have enough luck to find someone better.
But in terms of pennies, she was poor.

In terms of disappointments, she was rich.

He had destroyed her tiny bubble of a world-and now the world wept with her.

The Earth cried for her as it had for scores of other lovers who had forgiven disappointments.

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