we are a deformity

March 17, 2013
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if love is so damn fragile
then its absence must be strong
and if holding you is breaking me
i’m only whole when you’re gone

but your love is something poison
your love is so deformed
I didn’t know it’d kill me
I just wanted something warm

it filled the cracks within me
and hardened into stone
my arteries were full of you
my veins you called your own

and I try so hard to forget
both the good and bad in you
but I hear it in the spaces
and in the corners of this room

don’t look at me like this
im ashamed to be so small
and youre the one who did this
I gave and you took all

if love is so damn fragile
did love break all my bones
or was it you who stole my breath
and turned me into stone

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