The Reasons Behind

March 11, 2013
Why must I be so mad all the time?
There is nothing good about it.
It doesn't benefit in any way
Except to write good poetry.
And for this reason I wish
To keep these irrational mood swings.
I get terrible mood swings
But they almost never happen
In front of people.
And when they do, I'm pretty good
At keeping calm long enough
To get away from it all.
But why do I have this emotion
In the first place?
It's like a boiling pot of water,
Constantly threatening to overflow
And burn people with it's heat.
It takes all I have just to
Restrain it and keep it under cover.
But it doesn't always work like that.
Sometimes the water boils over
And it harmlessly sizzles on the
Stove top, and other times it
Burns the people who try to
Help and turn down the temperature.
But they don't help,
They just get in the way.
The key to getting over my mood swings
Is to write them down on paper.
It takes all the rage away from me
And leaves me calm and serene.
Then I sleep and feel better
So I can have fun with my friends later.
Luckily, I haven't burned anyone
In quite a while, but I fear that
With new relationships this will change.
I don't want it to change,
But I know it will.
And there's no stopping it.

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