March 4, 2013
By cmandler SILVER, Manhattan, New York
cmandler SILVER, Manhattan, New York
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islands of big bang theories in
a (Samsung) galaxy™ of organic juice cartons
cream cheese blocks// my rearview mirror
cranberry hailstones the size of your father’s golf balls// the back 9
maelstroms of soda pop in the sugary veins
of caramel in your ice cream// vanilla//
his// chocolate//
daughter won’t be quiet
give her a pacifier, nipple of addiction
the sacrifice of plastic// surgery
to get the baby out, she needed a C-section(al)
that you fell asleep on when you fell
(down the stairs, she hit her head)
asleep on when you were too drunk to find the bed//
room of my resistance, littered with (garbage) exercise machines
there’s passivity in your stairclimber

because you take

the elevator// escalator//
train// cars where people live
thank God (or whatever) for your
home// is where the heart is// where is
it// you broke it because you became a vegan and the organ



shooting stars into my ovaries
maybe that’s why the child is dead or
maybe it’s because she never drank
your// chocolate// milk

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