How Long

March 12, 2013
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"I will never stop waiting for you"
A common quote,
A common thought,
A dramatic note in a voice...
A foolish expectation.

Don't you dare believe that quote.
Don't you dare make me wait forever.
Don't you dare leave me hanging here,
Don't. You. Dare.

If you think I will stay,
if you think I will die,
If you think I am weak,
You are an idiot.

I knew you were are,
I knew you are one,
I knew you could be one,
But not that much of one.

You know damn well that I love you.
You know what I would do for you.
You know that I would kill for you.
And that is saying something,
For me.

But I will not wait forever.
I deserve to be loved.
I deserve to be cared for.
I deserve to be wanted,

I will not wait forever...
Because eventually,
I will give up on you...
I just don't know how long that will take.

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