A Beautiful Jewel

March 1, 2013
You are a jewel.
You are too crazy,
Too random,
Too fun,
Too fabulous,
And to extraordinary.
Your personality is extraordinary.
Your happiness is a jewel.
Your kindness is fabulous.
Your laugh is crazy.
Your style is fun.
Your humor is random.
Your brain is random.
Your smile is extraordinary.
Your eyes are fun.
Your heart is a jewel.
Your hands are crazy.
Your hair is fabulous.
Your necklaces are fabulous.
Your shirts are random.
Your pants are crazy.
Your earrings are a jewel.
Your shoes are fun.
You’re my fun.
You’re my fabulous.
You’re my jewel.
You’re my random.
You’re my extraordinary.
You’re my crazy.

Opals are crazy.
Pearls are fun.
Diamonds are extraordinary.
Rubies are fabulous.
Emeralds are random.
You are the best, most amazing jewel.
You are a beautiful jewel. You are crazy.
You are random. You are fun.
You are my laughs and smiles. That doesn’t make you fabulous that makes you extraordinary.

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