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March 1, 2013
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i pondered on the meaning of beuty,
(couldn't find it),
so finding it became my duty.
i visited many greats to find it,
& many answers did i get,
(too many) i didn't know which would fit.

i visited nelson mandela the fighter of apartheid,
he told me that beauty lies in,
a world without caste or creed.
at australia zoo, i ran into steve irwin,
he said that beauty is,
found in all the creatures of natures givin.
on my visit to tibet, imet dalai lama,
he replied thatbeauty comes,
with love, laughter & good karma.
i met Beethowen, the master of music,
he told me that music lies in,
the song that pleases th ear & wells the sick.
on my quest davinci did i see,
he replied rhat beauty can be seen in a painting full of colours & glee.
i asked mother teresa the lover of the poor,
she told me beauty lies in,
the heart of all who to the needy open their door.

many answers did i get,
& i was confused as you'd bet,
on the meaning of beauty....
so concluding from the words i got,
i'd say beauty is,
what come when something is done with all our hearts.

whenever u do somthing wid all ur herat u will find ur own beauty

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