The Simplicity

February 28, 2013
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Thieves stole my voice, the scenery breath-taking,
Emerald spheres of flawless perfection, the hills of Patagonia
Brush strokes of white color pastels, the hundreds of sheep
A barrage of carmine gymnasts swaying in the wind, the plants and brush
Away from my school, away from my country, away from my people
I share the Earth with many creatures, but today the Earth is mine
Sprawled out on ash gray rocks, my silhouette drifts
The distance allows me to peak at a magnificent white peak of snow
Generous rays of sunshine shield me from the agitated air
No chemicals or pollution, the aroma of pure freedom
A humble dragonfly approaches me with a couple of questions
What am I doing here? Don’t I have more sophisticated places to be?
I, a human, have never understood the simplicity of perfection
No one needs large quantities of beauty to see it clearly
I am not overjoyed or dismayed, I am satisfied
Satisfied with the loveliness of our planet, why do we ask for more?
Earth is a hotel full of secret places
Every creature is granted a limited time
Before you leave, make sure to explore every part of the vast hotel
Today, I am enjoying the hotel’s wonderful garden

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