The Honest Girl

February 22, 2013
By AquaRev PLATINUM, Bonner Springs, Kansas
AquaRev PLATINUM, Bonner Springs, Kansas
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I’ll never have that perfect skin
That glides like silk
Feels like a baby’s wrist
And is golden and spotless

I’ll never have long flowing hair
That moves in slow motion
Feels like satin
And gleams in the sun

The boys won’t ever whistle at me
They won’t stare
Or tell me I’m beautiful
Because simply I’m not

My legs won’t grow so I’ll always be average
And always be kind of chubby
With teeth that are sort of yellow
And eyes that don’t sparkle in the sun

I can’t sing well, even in the shower
Or play an instrument
Or do a flip on the trampoline
Or even bake a stupid cake without burning it

But I feel just like you
And have bad days, and good days
There are days I don’t even want to try
And there are days I wish I was better

Truth is, though
I won’t change to please you
I’ll stay how I am and be damn good at it
And if you hate me, fine. And if you love me, fine.

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