Shattered Lies

February 27, 2013
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You think it's harmless,
Won't do a thing,
A simple hell it will bring,
They find you charmless,
I wonder why?
One little fib,
May be a shattered lie,
Strike down their faith,
Their undying trust,
Now left in the rain to rot and rust,
You were there for them,
Their most beautiful gem,
Now a huge regret,
Something everyone wants to forget,
Your new obsession,
Leaving their heart to fail,
From a large depression,
As their screams and wails,
Riddle the black night,
You're betrayal too bright,
You can take their love,
But not their pride,
Their hatred for you,
Never to subside,
You've left them in the dark,
A tainted light,
Setting them on a new path,
A new journey to embark.

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