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Permanent Admirer

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Every time I see your face it lights up the whole place. The worst time for me is when I don't see you be gone without a trace. Tripping, stumbling, and procrastinating you got me in a daze. How can I paint the paint the perfect picture of you when my mind goes blank thinking about what if you say no. Your the girl from my dreams ever since I was 16 I wanted to make you my queen. Could it be that your the beauty in beautiful, the wow in wonderful, the perfect in perfection I used to wonder if this was real or a sensation, but hey if it's been years then it must mean something. I stay up late at night and compose poems so that I can compose the perfect one to make you smile. I've never lost the thoughts and feelings that I have for no matter who we were with they don't matter no more. I guess the reason that the other girls turned sour is because they're not you. You are what I try to make girls be, but there's nothing like the original. I know your skeptical and kinda predictable of whether I am good as what I seem and if I live up to my expectations or not. Well hey this the deal every girl I tried to treat right and it ended wrong not long I consider that as practice for the way I should treat you. I know perfection does not exist because we are human and made to make mistakes, but when God made you there were no mistakes what so ever. The beauty, the intelligence, and the personality is only measured by the person, and may I say that the whole world could not measure up to the person you are. What do I do to make you feel the way I do. I'll write you a million poems, a million songs, and I would walk a thousand miles just to see you smile. I know this is a lot of game but this just off the dome actually it's the 10th time I've written this poem it had to be perfect. I know you hear this and that about me from all kinds of people. People talk regardless and ignoring haters just makes you more famous, so if they talking about me they want me or they wanna be me. Nevermind them they just wanna turn you away from me because all the girls it was a reason I didn't give them my all and that reason is you. It's a lot of girls in this world, but they not you, I hear singing from women but they're not you, I've seen all kinds of models and designers and forensic psychophysiologist and none of them are you. The others girls, not girls period could compare to you in my eyes. In my eyes all I see is you which makes me write sweet and long like this. My life long goal is to have you and if it don't happen I put in my complete effort. We could just talk and conversate we don't have to rush where it ends up in heartbreak. These feelings have been apart of me for as long as I remember. It was like now or never a chance like this is once as a life time. I just had to try. Anything I have to do to please you I'll drop everything nothing is not important as you. I don't expect an answer just let me know your thoughts on me and my effort that's all I ask for. Don't ever say you alone again because you have a permanent secret admirer......

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WordartistThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. said...
today at 3:26 pm:
I like your poem A Lot! I also know EXACTLY how you feel!
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