I Saw Your Face

February 25, 2013
I saw your face
All blurry with big pixels
But I saw it
And it was real
I wanted to touch it
Feel your cheeks
Touch your eyelashes
Swear that you were ever real
I saw your face when I walked into Harry’s room
And there you were
At six
Sitting on a slide
At the front
Me in the middle
Harry at the bottom
Harry looked up from his bed
The Now Harry
And he was crying
But a strange thing there was to observe, for the
Past Harry
And the Past Hazel
And the Past Hannah
Were laughing
And so, I laughed too
The Now Hazel laughed with the Past Hazel
And then the Now Harry laughed with the Past Harry
But there was no Now Hannah to laugh with the Past Hannah
And there never would be a Now Hannah, I realized
There would only be a Past Hannah
But there would be a Now Hazel
And a Now Harry
For a long time
But without a Now Hannah
So it would be more like a
Past/Now Hazel and a Past/ Now Harry
And the thought made the laughing Now Hazel and the laughing Now Harry
Clashing with the sound of the laughing Past Harry
and the laughing Past Hazel
and the laughing Past Hannah
on the television screen
blurry with big pixels

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