The Mermaid's Somg

February 23, 2013
I was walking next to the ocean
The blue, blue ocean
That shared a border with the sky

I was staring at that ocean
That blue, blue ocean
When a glimmer caught my eye.

A mermaid fair,
Sitting there,
apon a rock of grey

Her hair was auburn,
Her eyes were gold,
And I heard her say

"Swim with me
Oh good sir
Through the ocean fair."

"The sun is hot,
The waters cold
Below the salty air."

"Sing the song of my people
Sing it soft
With your voice."

"Sing the song of my people
Sing it loud
And rejoice."

"Let the earth rebound
From the sound
Of the mighty queen."

"Let the sky
Tremble in fright
From the gracious king."

"Pray for the great god
That created the heavens and earth,"

"Pray to love and life"

"Pray to be free
Pray for peace,"

"Pray for love,"

"Pray to be who you wish to be."

"And let the merpeople sing
Songs of sweet joys to thee."

And after that song,
She swam away,
Into the pale blue sea

A golden flash,
A green tale,
And she swam into the deep.

Never will I forget the mermaid
Who sang her sweet song to me.
Her song and the blue sea
Will always stay by me.

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