End Everything MAG

February 25, 2013
By Shreya Tripathy BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
Shreya Tripathy BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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Flicking up the tab of the metal can and
Listening to the sizzling acid in his beverage.
Ignoring the bubbling soda next to him,
Sinking deeper into ragged clothes.

Drowned in his essence he
Tries to swing his feeble
Fist at life, but the liquid
Slows his movements.

Soft drink is still
Fizzling loudly.
Continues for a while,
Slowly, intensely.

Halting the crowded surroundings.
He wishes to
Avoid the bigger fish and float in place

Instead he takes this light can, and
Flings it to the soft sand.
Dented, its
Substance oozes out.

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