Daddy's Love

February 20, 2013
I asked my father if I could fly
He laughed and said I'd surely fall
To depths to far for him to reach
And pull me safe into his arms
For my wings have not yet fully grown

So I asked him could I brave the beast
With armor gleaming bright
To slay the dragon through the night
He shook his head and said I'd surely die
For I had no sword which had ever seen such a feat

I asked him could I swim to the depths unknown
To places deep and filled with worlds untold
To swing upon the tallest branch and jump upon the clouds so white
To look upon the face of doubt and conquer that which holds me down

He smiled gently and with sad, sad eyes gleaming bright with unshed tears said,
"My child if you dare to slay the beast
To swim to depths unknown
To look upon the face of doubt and never fret nor fear
To fly through clouds so clean and pure and laugh at the sight
Then my dear child you will go far"

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