Your Sun

February 20, 2013
By rosaesposito GOLD, Reading, Pennsylvania
rosaesposito GOLD, Reading, Pennsylvania
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"We're all mad here" Alice in Wonderland

I sit above the world
And hold it in my hands
My fingers stretch and through the gaps darkness seeps
I keep you safe there in my palm
And let my warm soft fingers caress you face

My colors are to many to count
I am brighter than the brightest star
Yet my beauty can only be captured by flash
I am quieter than the smallest mouse but as am noticeable as the big blue whale
I am shy and timid at first but my colors bloom with time

I smell like you favorite memory
Like the day you spent at the beach
Laughing and splashing through those great blue waves
My taste is a multi colored pallet
Like your favorite food
Or that cold sweet ice cream you could eat forever
My flavor is many memories mixed together

You see me and you smile
Despite sadness and strife
You laugh and play while my fingers dance over you
You look to me and feel hope in hardship
I am a symbol of happiness
And a sign of undying love
I am the light that breaks through your darkest days
I am your sun

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