Deaths final Cry

February 20, 2013
I waited through the dead of night
To hear the yells of joy
To hear the final cries die out
To hear the drums of life recede to slow sad songs
I waited

To hear the sad, sad melody of the all but forgotten
As the waters drew back to calm rivers
And the earth once teaming and full of life slowly calming into expectant silence
The melody of those left dead in far off lands
As the world drew its last breath
I waited

Sing a song of sorrow's joy
Of the love and lost who paid the cost
Of tombs left with rotting corpse
And flowers bloom where death once ruled
To the end of life
Where life begins for those anew
In sad, sad songs comes a new tune
For on that very night a victor's cry was heard
As I waited for the beautiful light of day

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