Broken Glass

February 15, 2013
Another ones shattered and you know it to,
But you don't listen to the warnings-
You heed no advice.
You're ignorant and you think you know it all;
Tell me if you know it all how long will stand before you fall?
Sure one step on the fragile substance doesn't seem so bad
But walk a mile and you'll soon see
That when you're walking on broken glass you're bound to cut.

You're playing with fire-
That's a dangerous thing
Yet as the flames get higher and the blaze gets hotter
You only become more intrigued,
It becomes your sense of warmth and finally you feel satisfied.
But tell me would you still be satisfied if you slipped into the pit?
Sure you're still 10 feet from the edge but keep on staring and it'll lure you in.
You may not see it now but when you're playing with fire some ones bounds to get burned.

So now you're cut and you're burned yet you still continue walking-
Walking the same path headed to the same destination.
You think you'll be happy when you arrive but how much more blinded could you be?
I know you're still young but believe me keep forcing yourself along an you'll end up dragging your self down.
Cause when you're gambling your own life you're bound to loose.

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Heart_Reader said...
Feb. 20, 2013 at 12:52 pm
Wow.  Sad but true.  The way you described the feelings was truly heart felt.  Keep it up!  :]
n3xtusplaya replied...
May 14, 2014 at 12:18 am
Thank you! I re-read this and realized there were a lot of grammar mistakes but I'm glad you could stll feel the emotions in this piece.
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