Young Love

February 6, 2013
No one told us it was possible
But we decided to try it anyways
Of course there are people that tell us we can’t
But there always will be

Love like this should last forever
Young love that ignites dreams
That shines through the clouds
It keeps your thoughts from becoming blurry

Your gaze gives me peace
Reminding me I will always have a home with you
No matter how far off we wander
We don’t need to worry

Your eyes will never leave my mind
And neither will your smile
You’re etched into my mind
Like hearts carved into tall trees

And when the waves crash
Or when the thunder rumbles
You are always there
Standing next to me

They say the grass is greener on the other side
But we don’t need to find it
Because where we’re standing
The ground is already green

So don’t make any promises you can’t keep
Just try your best and I will too
But if you leave my side
You’ll be in my heart eternally

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