A writers thought

February 6, 2013
We all start with a motivation,
that's leads to a word.
A word with curves, and corners, a vowel or consonant.
And that word leads to a sentence.
But that sentence turns into a paragraph,
but that paragraph could be a verse.
And that verse may be in a stanza.
So we all start with a motivation,
that started from a thought,
and that thought brought us to a word,
that brought us to write.
And when that motivation came to us,
and started to write its words,
it allowed us to show our passion.
That passion came from a motivation,
and that motivation developed a word.
And that word created a work of art,
not the picture making kind of art.
But that art that paints a picture in your mind with every word it makes
But it all started with a motivation, but what was that again?

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