The Meadow

February 9, 2013
As I wandered through the woods of my mind
I try to stray away from the dark forest
And only wander into the meadowy light
But my pathway knows no knowledge
Of what is good and what is horrid
But instead knows that the only reason the meadow is filled with light
Is that the forests come first
That the forests are the journey
While the meadow is the reward
The meadow is not meant for the journey
But for the destination
For what good is a journey without a little rain
A little day without a little night
The forests were when we were hurt
When we reach the meadow we know that we are
Cared for
We can’t get to the good until we go through the bad
We can’t understand what it means to cherish the meadow
Until we learn what it is like to go through the forest.

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