If Only I Could Get Away

February 9, 2013
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He was suppose to be there for me
It seemed everyday we drifted further and further apart
What did I do this time
How could I change
If there was only a way to go back to the way things were
There was a time when I was happier
A time when I actually cared
It's obvious that time is long gone
Life use to have a meaning but now
Now life is nothing
I'm dead inside and nobody can tell
Everyday I hide my pain with a smile
Little does everybody know that I'm falling deeper and deeper into this dark hole
I don't know where this dark hole will lead me to
Hopefully it is a way to freedom
There is no way to escape this pain
The dark hole seems like a happy place
It is a place where anybody can escape
The bad thing is once you go there there is no coming back
You are stuck, but it is still better than the lie I am living

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