Once Beautiful Girl

February 9, 2013
Oh, once beautiful girl,
you were the shiny wood
before life's termites descended
and your luster was eaten away.
Add the nail polish remover to your face
in bleak times
and now you are scared and pitted,
your best features corroded.
Sad, bitter shell,
I don't know you anymore.
Where you were once strong,
you are now weak

and the burdens once carried,
you hand over to me..
Why do I want to hold you
and yet cast you away?
I play your games,
though I want to quit-
hop, hop, hop, skip, duck the obstacles thrown-
don't you see I'm tired?
You worry as you weep,
rage as you demand comfort,
judge as you plead not to be judged,
as the Dice of Doubt cast their shadows on you.
I'm your friend, yes,
but why is this one-sided?
You clog your ears,
close your eyes:
what's the point?
I might play your games now
but I am only growing wearier each day.

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