Where are you?

February 4, 2013
Away away away,
It all drifts away,
whats that i hear,
are you near,
was that a whisper,
are you here,
let me see you,
let me hear you,
was that your name,
why aren't you here,
I dream of you,
I long for you,
Why aren't you hear,
it passes me,
whispers of you,
where are you,
I want to see you,
I want to feel you,
I long to feel you,
I mourn not seeing you,
whats this ache,
inside of me,
I swear my hearts to break,
why aren't you here,
i hear it,
that sounds,
your name,
you've got to be near,
let me see those shining eyes,
that forbidding smile,
that sun touched skin,
let me here,
those too kind words,
that one,
exasperating laugh,
let me feel,
those callused hands,
that strong embrace,
why aren't you here,
why aren't you near,
why did you leave,
I am here,
come back...

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