February 4, 2013
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Everybody wakes up to a light Blue
Of new hopes and dreams yet to come true
The day then passes in various hues
Making you walk in different sets of shoes
It may later convert to a Magenta
Of happiness from love or drinking fanta
Otherwise it maybe a bright Pink
Of promises ,elation and things written in happy ink
The other half ; it can be facing an Orange
Like the sun sets in all its florence
To many others shall be enhancing the White
Of peace and calmness as far as permits the sight
Seldom solace the soulfullness of Green
That way you get your picture clear on a screen
Somewhere the atmoshphere turns bright Red
Of uncontrolled anger and words half unsaid
Faces among a crowd also reflect a little of Brown
As things collapse away and they pull on a frown
Situations now worsen and form a cloud of Grey
Tangled, destructed; thats how to time you fall prey
The storm now adhers to it ravaging track
People have failed badly, the dead end is Black
The journey makes feelings to fade
Life comes to us in various shades..

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