Right for me

January 30, 2013
The day I set my eyes on you I knew from that moment you were meant to be mine, I saw you curled up in a little ball in your little hut, I never knew I wanted you until I first met you,
now I do and I named you Zarek because I knew it fitted you then I got two of you, he was your little brother named Xeno that too made me love you, Now here it is nearly 3 weeks soon and just you know I bought girls just for you, their cute like you, small and furry and they remind me so much of the both of you, I named them Xena and Gabrielle because they were meant to be with you, now I have four that is indeed true and I wouldn't do any other hing to change that in my way your all my babies until this day never change because that's the way I like you, always know I love you.

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