I am a Liar

January 30, 2013
I am a liar
And I want to be free
Don’t you see the liar?
When you look straight at me,
Sunk so low,
Just to watch your daring grief,
Cause that’s just the liar,
I was born to forever be.

Why can’t I sleep at night?
There’s guilt inside my head
I found the liar,
Hidden deep within my head
I will not hide myself
With all the tears I have shed
Because I am the liar
They want me dead.

Here’s our story,
Of everything I wanted to be,
You can hide,
But don’t you ever leave,
And when I go,
Remember all the good things,
They’ll remind you,
Of all our little dreams,
Can you hear my words?
Everything I have to say,
You can’t watch the world,
They’re looking your way,
So forget about tomorrow,
Tomorrow’s on its way,
I’m such a liar,
And a liar I will stay.

I am the liar,
And I need you free,
Don’t you see the liar?
When you look straight at me,
Right next to the window,
And I’ll watch you as you sleep,
But that’s not the liar,
I was born to forever be.

I remember the time,
When you only just a kid,
Living your life,
Like it was a little bit,
Wasn’t hard to fight,
Even if I was in the middle end,
Cause I was told,
I’d rather die than straight up give in,
I’m sorry daughter,
But your father’s not the same,
Fought through it all,
And swore to the oath he obtained,
But there is no tomorrow,
So forgive if I say,
He couldn’t duck for cover and couldn’t win the game,
After all!
He was not meant stay,
But he did it for another,
So that young life may stay,
“Promise that she’ll love me,
After I start to fade,
Tell that I gave her something
No one could have gave,”
Hands on the clock,
The things I could not change,
He told me that so I could,
Raise a girl he truly made,
If there was one thing he’d miss,
It’s you he would save,
Cause he was never a liar,
And a liar he couldn’t stay.

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