Letter of Intent

January 23, 2013
By gabriellagajevic BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
gabriellagajevic BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Do you think it’s easy?
Living up to your parents expectations
Living up to the expectation that you will one day be just as good as them
Just maybe
You see, I grew up in a house with a brother
A mother
A father
A loving caring family with a steady income

I grew up always being taught right from wrong
To never lie and to always give your biggest smile and thanks after having something nice done for me
I also grew up in a house with parents that were D1 college sports stars
My mama played with that big orange ball
Only thing she ever had to worry about was how hard she had to work to beat the 6’7 post
And to make a lay-up
Daddy, on the other hand
Daddy was a goalie
Daddy came from a small town in Serbia to the big city of Milwaukee
Just trying to make something of himself

Now it’s my turn
My senior year, my time to shine
To show my worth to the soccer coaches
To hope I can shine as a member of their team

That day came where I received my first offer
Ecstatic to say the least
I jumped with joy like a flying zebra throughout the house
Sleepless nights followed me like a pack of wolves hunting their prey
Wishing, waiting, wanting the day where I was to sign my letter
Time crept up on me faster than I ever knew

10:56 pm
I fall asleep with the somber dreams of my life changing forever
The dreams of being a part of a team so close knit
Where the saying “family is forever” is more than just a saying

10:56 am
My ink pen glides across the paper
Just to show what I’ve made of myself
A little blow to make sure the inks dry
And my letter of intent is officially signed

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