January 29, 2013
My head's been shot back into the clouds.
All the cells in my blood are a cheering crowd.
This unbridled joy makes the drowning so worth it.
When this high finally hit, I screamed and you heard it.
Energy struck me from nowhere, it attacked with no warning.
Now, my organs are bees, gathering, swarming,
Condensed in my chest- I can finally feel full
And I'm drawn to this danger. It's a magnet that pulls.
Does anyone else feel the way that I do?
Does euphoria drive them to seek punishment too?
Because every smile I flash seems a product of pain
As if I'm revolted my personal gain.
Maybe that's why I push people away
When they offer me warmth if only I'd stay,
But I only refuse and indulge in the cold.
Who could ever melt this frozen soul?

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