The Door is Always Open

January 28, 2013
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Things get bad, then they get good again.
You can write yourself angry.
You can write yourself sick.
But never
should you write yourself sorry.

The world, to me, is many things:
A canvas, a movie, a place to store
everything you are and will ever be,
but never a bell jar.

As long as your hands can shake
and your voice can quiver,
never close the door.

Love the ground under your feet,
and your only sadness
will be that a blanket of sky
can't keep off the cold.

Smile with every breath you take,
and you'll realize that,
no matter how much you weep,
you will never fill an ocean.

Look inside your heart:
There's answer there.
You'll find,
deep in an oblivion of night,
there is a light somewhere.

It may not be much light,
but it's brighter than darkness.
Follow it.

If you seek, you will find
yourself always involved in
and as long as that door never closes,
whatever something will be enough.

I promise.

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