The Only One Left

January 22, 2013
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Run little girl
Run round and round, and do not walk
Begin the game you cannot win, and run to the gaming room
Win back
Your heart and soul
And singular sigh

Your trickling laughter and jumping juddering heartbeat
They beat for you and for you alone
But know, you are a someone
You are a saint

So hurry up, already - you know this
Now all you have to do
Is make it known
In a world of unknowns
And dead ends
Leading lost, off the trail, like breadcrumbs

And churning skies spitting out lies
Like rain, like snow
Like hurricanes
And chunking settings
And trees, and bricks
And aeroplanes

Lies like this do not stand, and you are not standing
You must end your beginnings by beginning at the end
By being someone you would call a someone
The one who you will not run from
Who you will take the time to have the time
Of your life with by living with

Yes, I want you to want you
To fall for yourself
For your every lie and lisp and broken laugh
And gap-toothed lyrical
Whispering you home

But you are lost and losing
Because you believe
Anything other than belief will let you win
What is happening?
Make it happen according to no plan
According to no feet

Slide and fly
And fall through the sky
But never ever touch your feet
Run and race
and root your route with your roots
Do not let them let you be anyone, apart from the one set apart

We all breathe
Equally broken air
We are all in the same
Water cycle, air cycle, life cycle, money cycle
Cycling nowhere
Nowhere to cycle to in a circle

But if you would find
What would be found
By a fan of freedom and winds and travel
And smoke away the smoke
And scream above the screams
And realize that the truth is realized

Enter the exit - and bring others with you
Taking them beyond the circle
Beyond the limits and limitations
Crinkling reality like crumpled paper
Like Paris leaning on a discarded script,
Like curtains falling before the show begins

Let beyond you become you
Or you will be twisted like a snake
And fall for things you could be standing for
And fall for someone not worth falling for
And be someone not worth being
And live a life not worth living

Bring what is outside the circle into the circle
To help you stir, and cling, to every anomaly
Corrected with stars, like dot-to-dots
Making money, and laughter, and children
Through being something beyond a being
And doing things beyond what can be done

And is it not sad
That we say no to our own adventure
Do we not know, that by saying no
We are waving goodbye
To the other side

So find someone, feel something
Say something, say you are a someone
I just wish
We would all wish
To dream a dream
Worth dreaming

I only want to want
What the Circle Turner wants
But to do that
I must make you feel
Make you think
Make you you

Through remembering
The long-forgotten time
When there was no time for time
And time stood still and did not stand at all
And your thoughts did not make monsters
In the empty darkness

And instead your light shone bright
And brightened
The whisper of the wind telling you hey,
There is something for you to say
That, like rustling hay, is worth saying
Then it would all be worth it

Even if
It is in another tongue
If it is from another tongue
And if it is for another tongue
It would still have worth
And it would still be worth saying

Because if equal means the same
And opposite equals equal
Then having everything would get you no where
Because everything would equal nothing
So try to try out getting out
And fail terribly until you succeed

And scare yourself with your light
And know that even though you know
The end of the story
The story must be told
If only to lull you to sleep
Like long-forgotten music

Like a long-forgotten calling
Calling you home
To your home outside of this home
Of boxed boxes
Making you make
Reality real

Two true,
The lisp I lisper is you
And the pain that pains me is how painfully slow
We turn, and change, and move this cycle
And we are ‘back to back’wards

Always watching who is watching
Without believing you are being watched
Always doing what others are doing
Without doing what needs to be done
So I am done
With telling what needs to be told

Eventually you will have to face the fact that there are no facts
And that all you think is right is wrong
And that everything is alright in the end
But the only people who get to the end
Are the ones that know where this all began
And who remember the beginning

And children, and heaven, and two halves
And twisting truths without lies
And dimensions and boxes and limits and voices
And wondering who’s voice is asking you where you are
And replying in mirror as it is all a mirror
And standing back to back like when one is next to the One

It is as bad and as beautiful as it is in your head
And it is all in your head
Until you are an artist uncovering the twists in the tale
By chasing the tail of the snake
Back to back, back to where it sneaks out of existence
By bringing into existence things that should not exist

Stuff with no names and borders and boxes
Stuff that is not just stuffing
From a time where there is no time
From a place that cannot be placed
From the lead that is a dead end
And the one ending

Because we all die in the end,
Like at the beginning
When dust to dust was ashes to ashes
And we rose from the fire
And melded circles into boxes like bricks
Turning each one’s world into the One’s world

Things not adding up adds up
When you know that your globe is not really global
Let us let it let us go (and float away) to another existence
Where there is no time for time
Or place for places
And borders and boxes

To a world of art that needs no artists
To tell us that this is not the truth
We belong in space
We belong without our belongings
We a-ll belong together
In space, in nothingness, in the beyond

And smoke dissipates and lies disappoint
And buildings topple two to One
Hour 11 on the clock
We are running out of time, and oil and lies
To feed the starving children
And so brick becomes dust and fire bleeds into ashes

A life like nothing anyone has ever seen before
It is out of this world (is it not)
Like Moonwalking and broken records
And the shattered, 11th mirror
These are ground breaking break ups
of bubbling paperchasers tearing paper

Growing wet and wondering why life follows life
And entry-exit-win-lose are all two sides of one canvas
So does my nonsense make sense
Or are you now confused and do you find that confusing
When the pieces are in pieces
And we are not at peace

The truth is that the truth hurts, and we are all hurting
I wonder her long we will keep going round in circles
Fitting the logical into the illogical when it does not fit
Letting dumb grow dumber because smart is stupid
And going out of fashion like style
Like a dumb dumb (da dumb) wedding

So try
I dare you to

And keep spinning
Until you cannot see straight
And colour turns white
And it is white on white
And stands on its own two feet
And everything becomes one thing

Round and round you go
Going back to the little girl who still remembers
That you must move forward, and run with the wind
And run away from the road
Full of boxes for dreams and labels that scream
Because I do not need a broom to fly, my art will give me wings.

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