A Mortal View

January 22, 2013
Through Gods immortal eye

I envision a world
Not fraught with hatred

Hatred for difference
For non-conformity
Hatred for a man of living

Though this eye I see
A world in harmony
Without genocide or Holocaust

Through mans ignorant eye
I envision a world
Not fraught with hatred

Hatreds without name or
Basis, but always present
And consuming mind

My mortal eye hates for
Color, it hates because they
Obviously must be wrong

My mortal eye translates
Everything but I can
Never blame my eye

The mortal mind fraught
With wires and gears
Always calculating whit it reviews

It sees that here and
There freedom rings with
Equality to create a spine

All around the mind sees
A writhing darkness
Darkness to break the spine

Equality sticks and clings
With a suction unparalleled
But that means it can
Never spread

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