January 25, 2013
From far away I see you,
That’s as close as I can be,
I wish nothing more,
Than to hear your heart,
Next to me.

The day I first saw you,
Touched you,
Kissed you,
Caressed your sweet skin,
I knew so undoubtedly,
I was meant for you.

And so it seemed,
Meant for me.

Time has vanished,
Time has gone,
All that lingers now,
Is my sad soulless song.

A melody of anger,
And tearful fits of lust,
You don’t hear it,
You don’t know it,
Unlike I,
Didn’t combust.

I feel the wound,
A constant ache.

From my love so true,
I bleed unbearably,
For you,
Till my heart and mind,
Turn colors unknown.

My body is numb,
Completely gone,
Away from my suffering,
Away from you,
All else is dying,
All else,
Is done.

Though you’ve left,
Your face I picture,
Hauntingly still,
Into my mind.

Silent screams torture me daily,
The like,
I’m hopeful that soon,
I will end,
This desperate fight.

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