January 21, 2013
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They were firebrands
Linked to each other by the handcuffs of silly string
Their chromosomes held the secrets of detonation and world domination
Their bloodstream flowed with kerosene
They had a “Lean hungry look” about them
The observatories of their mind focused and zoomed in on the lives of others
Dynamite sticks for limbs
A nuke for a heart
They were born to explode to careen off the track set before them
Born to set off genocide in their houses
Born to infiltrate their family’s sanity
Born to steal from the night
Greedily stuffing the twinkling stars
They were born to plant TNT in the trembling fingertips of little adults that have mislaid their maturity
Studs for spines
Roman candles for mouths
Splurting and gasping constantly spraying their sparks
WARNING: Contents may be flammable tattooed in the inner corners of their eyes
Visible by the slight twitch of their eyes
A malfunction, a tic, a flaw
Eyelashes made of matchsticks on the edge of their bulging telescope eyes
Their stature feline and their teeth of raptor origins
Flicked their forked tongues at the virgin faces of teens
They cackled like grown monstrous psychopaths
But what you heard was the thunderous shaking of the crate of firecrackers stored in the lining of their organs digesting the will of a helpless child

They were born for drugs. They were Living Social Delinquents.

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