I Miss You Cuz

January 21, 2013
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Your story travels fast. Your story travels far. One day you live, breath, and laugh among those crazy friends. Never knowing it'd be your last. I sit here tonight and think of that. What I should've said, what I should've done never knowing your response to that. I think if I'd only been there that day that I could have saved you so it wouldn't have been your last. I knew one day I'd have to let you go but never in that way. I hate goodbyes so there be none today so promise to meet me some other day. Would've traded places with you in a heartbeat, but I know I can't do just that. For no price nor a soul, no one can change the Big Man's plan. From day one we've been great friends and promised to be till the very end. Some think that day has come but they are mistaken. Even tho there is some distance between us I'll still talk to you every chance I get. Even when it seems I have forgotten remember your in my every thought. So relax my friend and keep dreaming those dreams because one day they'll spread into wings.

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