You Are You

January 20, 2013
You’ll ask, who is Ian?
Who is Luke?
Who is Sydney?
Who is Connor?
Who is Tess?
Who is Mackenzie?
Yellow is Mackenzie.
Blue is Ian.
Pink is Tess.
Red is Luke.
Green is Connor.
Glitter purple is Sydney.
Fabulous is Sydney.
Bubbly is Mackenzie.
Tranquil is Connor.
Picky is Ian.
Stern is Luke.
Loving is Tess.
Watermelon is Tess.
Cupcake is Sydney.
Tomato is Luke.
Ice cream is Mackenzie.
Goldfish is Ian.
Olive is Connor.
Elmer Fudd is Connor.
Tweetie is Tess.
Bugs Bunny is Ian.
Daphne is Sydney.
Velma is Mackenzie.
Bam Bam is Luke.
Sweatshirts are Luke.
Sweatpants are Connor.
Dresses are Mackenzie.
Pink scarves are Tess.
Big earrings are Sydney.
Shoes are Ian.
What else can I say? Ian is Ian. Luke is Luke.
Sydney is Sydney. Connor is Connor.
Tess is Tess. Mackenzie is Mackenzie.

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