With this Next Step of Mine

January 14, 2013
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The wind in my hair
The sun on my back
The mountain to my right
The city to the left, and
With this next step of mine
All will disappear for
The constant dark.
I take the step
The sun is gone, the wind is gone,
The mountain I cannot see
The city I cannot see.
Darkness is ahead of me
Dark walls to my right and left,
And a new adventure has begun.
The warmth is gone
The cold seeps in
I cannot see, so I feel instead
The soft crunch echoes,
The walls close in. Now
I'm on my knees, but
I can still move forward
All is dark, but I'm still unscathed.
A head of me is water
A head is my goal.
Only a few more meters,
I can already see the light.
Inside the cliff, out of the tunnel,
A pool lays before me, clear and pristine
The high dome is delicately carved
By time and nature, roots and moss
Hang down as garlands
The walls climb high towards the dome
Where light pushes through
To illuminate this scene
To illuminate the end of this journey.
For now.
Where I will go next is still undecided.

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