January 15, 2013
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All your life you go through it, all your life your told you'll never amount to anything

Every look, every name, every stone that's thrown, it all hurts, casted out cause your not the same

It's hard when your always being beat down and pushed around, never to be placed up right again

A pinball effect, one after the other they tease you and hurt you with their nasty words

They keep going on and on one by on until they've all scarred you

that's not even the worst part the part that leaves harsh scars on your heart

seeing someone else get bullied, knowing that the bully is scarring them

but you step in and take their place, the bully's get in your face

you try so hard to put a stop to the evilness but it's never enough

I always thought i could make a difference but 16 years later and i still feel their wrath beating down on me

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