Hitting Home

January 12, 2013
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I have a thousand things to die for
And ten thousand more to live

The way fall crinkles beneath our feet
The way gravity bows to the earth
The way the moon weds the sun
When it thinks no one is watching.

I watch and I think, this world
Ain’t such a bad place to be.

We say that God has too full of a cup
But what if he doesn’t want to wet his
Moustache and decides to drink out of
The upside-down umbrella we’ve made of this earth?
I tell you, his umbrella will always be three-quarters full.

So maybe, maybe, the earthquake in her
Voice is not a natural disaster. Maybe there
Are landmines in her body, graves they lay
Soldiers to rest in; her breath shakes.

Maybe her heart is a temple filled with a river
Flowing where the deity is supposed to sit;
I’ll call you my temple of salt cause you always
Have enough tears for the two of us,
I have wounds to prove it.

Maybe you’re a phoenix in disguise
Because more often than not, i think my skin
Is a sky, and your fingers on my arm
Remind me that we’re all moving, running,
Faster than the earth can rotate to keep us steady;
Don’t blame the universe when you start to get dizzy.

They said wounds are bruises and scars
That can even take the shape of a heart.
I know there is love in your touch because
You were the heart skipping stones to the moon;
I was dangling my feet in the river, too afraid to
Throw rocks for the fear of them not reaching your banks.

So instead, I threw my heart to the other shore
And you caught it, winking at me like you had the best
Mitt in your hands. I wouldn’t mind even if you skipped
It to the moon as long as we can run together to hit home.

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