Be mine

January 11, 2013
We both stared into each others eyes, yours were a sort of sea blue as clear as the sea itself
You broke eye contact with me and I wish you didn't because I long for you to be mine
But how would a guy like you be into a girl like me its just not right
We are from two different worlds you of money and mine of nothing but misery
I was lost in my thoughts when I heard my name
I looked up and there you were staring down at me
I kept my composer but in reality I was so happy
I stared and stared until I realized you asked a question
I said, "I'm sorry I didn't catch what you said."
You laughed a little and stared at me and said, "Will you be my girl and my everything?"
I looked at you with a confused face
You looked disappointed for a second before I could answer to make you smile
You quickly added "I know we are from two different worlds but I can't stand to be away from you any longer so please be mine!"
I smiled and nodded
You smiled back and embraced me in a hug
The hug felt right filled with love
And then and there I knew I loved you

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