January 5, 2013
There's moments like these
Where I've lost all hope in the world
No logical explanation
To inquire these situations
Nothing makes sense
I am just about sick
Of the girls who wear
Their heart on their hips
Literally & figuratively
Daddy's little girls
Would Daddy be happy with what you've been up to?
You can always be "cool"
And have the so-so girls
Or stay the nice guy
And get the stunning one
Honestly it makes no sense
How such a spoiled p**** like him
Gets a beautiful girl like her
It's absolute stupidity
I'm also sick
Of the people who wont listen
What I say is the truth
You get it?
Fine, don't listen to me
Then just lean your ear out the window
And listen to someone else
Might be the truth,
Maybe not
That's your fault
God bless ya,

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