No Answer

January 2, 2013
He sits there.
The drugs,
It’s taken over his life.

I watch him.
I ask questions,
But I get no answers.

He’s 20.
But easily influenced.
As if his friends want him dead.

I’m 9.
Too young to know anything.
But yet I still ask questions,
And I still get no answers.

A newborn baby girl.
He loves her more than life itself.
But still,
The abuse continues.
He fades.
Lies start.
Excuses drag on.

She’s only a month old.
He has so much life ahead of him.
But remember,
This is reality,
And this is his choice.

Now it’s dark.
He’s cold as ice.
He no longer breathes.

He no longer suffers.

He no longer is scared.

He no longer gets to see his beautiful baby girl.

Why did he do this to himself?
Why would he leave his daughter to be on her own?
Was his life that bad?
Was drugs just an excuse?

It’s like asking a deaf person a question.
In reply,

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sadesdd said...
Jan. 23, 2013 at 11:56 am
I'm sorry to hear about your cousin. That is very sad. This poem matches the feelings of that. This is so well written about the confusion, and questions of this life. This is a very good poem. Great job. I also love how you stick to the theme: no answers.
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