Path to Paradise

January 5, 2013
You watered the wilted flowers
down my spine and planted flowers
in my weak heart.

I swam in the shallow pools of your eyes
and found no remnants of dark confusion.

I spilled my guts into your savage mind
and found comfort and stability in

Don’t you dare repeat that I deserved it
because revenge was bittersweet.
You think I didn't see your eyebrows furrow
in agitation of the silky, smooth
lines healing from the touches of paradise?

Of course you knew that to
shatter the mirror was going to result in
crimson, aching fists with the determination
to prove you’re much more than this.

You destroy what is perfect, you never did
quite learn how to make it out on top.

The monsters are much more prominent
in the depths of your pupil, they show no mercy.

How queer it is that you lured me
into your dungeon of vengeance
but carried me across the frosty
Since when does wet feet
compare to solid promises?

I thought I’d be awake countless
nights analyzing the difference
between revenge and hiding.

You feed off plastic ego to feel superior,
but I have charted your plans
out and discovered your
unspoken apologies in the dusty
corners of your mind.

You kissed the burns and scars of
years of self-loathing and cradled me until safety.

You may need to brush up on your
acting skills,
I've never seen
Such a vulnerable face.

You tried to show me how you can love,
an emotion you never wanted pumping
through your cold veins.

You pampered me to break me and no,
you’re not sincere.

You don’t
know how to love any better than I
know how to hate,
but this shouldn't
be surprising to you.

My dear, you tried to kill something
already dead and you paved my path
to paradise many heart breaks ago.

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