At Two Years Old

January 4, 2013
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At two years old I cried to get everything my way
and all the attention on me
At four years old I was found constantly with an orange hunting hat,
blending in with my wild red hair

Mrs. Elliott, my first grade teacher, acknowledged my intelligence
She set me on a path with high dreams
In middle school I was regarded as the girl
who was too grown up to be in a middle school
with the body of a high schooler and a mind of a young adult
I would stand up for what I believed in until
I was unable to talk anymore, whether I was right or wrong

I have seen different cultures of different countries,
some being sights I did not know existed
I have been in love and in hate and both at the same time,
even with the same person
I know that everything happens for a reason
and now, I am in reach of my dreams that will
take me to places I have never seen before

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