January 1, 2013
I guess... I guess it's along the lines of this:
When I first saw you, I knew you were going to be more than just
Another guy
I wasn't sure how just yet
I knew for sure
That you would mean something to me
Best friend
You know
There was a firework, but it hadn't been lit, yet.
It took the both of us to light it.
At first
You were all ready
You had the lighter
And all I had to do
Was help you use it
To light this
Lying on the ground
Between us
I did
I didn't
We lit it
And the spark started traveling
I let the small pops along the way suffice for a while
In my mind
There was going to be a show
The firework would blast off into the sky
And it would light up the night oh so perfectly
I don't know why
I kept stretching the firework
A little bit more each time
The spark kept traveling
Thanks to me, it had to keep traveling
Farther and farther
Longer and longer.
We both watched in anticipation
And I thought nothing of it
Because the spark kept traveling
I didn't think it would ever stop
But it did
You said you had to go
You walked away
Leaving me all alone
With this
This lighter
That I can't use by myself.
I realized what I was losing
So I stopped stretching it
I left it just the way it was
I even blew on it to move the spark along faster
By the time it had reached the end
It had died
It had stayed alive thus far
Because you and I had kept it lit
We never blinked
We watched and watched
You waited and waited
For it to reach the end
There was nothing to keep it lit
It reached the end
A point I never considered it reaching
Never considered it not reaching
And it was gone
It was dead
We were dead
And now you're gone
And there's no one here to stand on this bridge
Over the river
At night
With me
And watch the show
With me
That's okay
I suppose
Because there isn't a show
It's because of me
I just had to keep stretching it
And stretching it
And stretching it
Had I just
Let it go
Left it alone
Instead of trying so hard to change things
Doubting in the back of my mind
That the firework
Would actually explode
In the colors I had hoped for
Maybe things would be different
Maybe you would be here right now
Standing on this bridge
Over this river
Watching the firework
The fireworks that we lit
The fireworks that we shot into the sky.
Now I'm standing alone
Gazing into the night sky
Wishing there was something in it for me to look at
There's not
There's just me
Wondering if you're looking into the sky, too
Wondering if I'm looking into it
Wondering if I'm longing for a show
I am
I hope you know that
I miss you
I miss the sparks
I miss watching them glint and sparkle
I miss you
So much
You have no idea
What you mean to me
How much you mean to me
When you told me you loved me
And I told you I loved you
I meant it
I meant it more than you probably did
I always will
I'll always hate the fact
That I had to miss the show
It would've been an amazing show
Those fireworks...
Those fireworks would've bursted and shined so bright
I wouldnt've been able to fall asleep that night.
You make me smile
Without even trying
When I think about everything that happened
Whether it meant anything to you or not
I want to smile
I do
I can't help but smile
I also want to cry
The thought of those memories
Being all I have
The only part of you that's still here to hold on to
It's just not right
I'm supposed to be with you
I fell in love with you
Moment one
Love at first sight
And now
Now you're gone?
That's not how this is supposed to end
It's not supposed to end
We're supposed to be together
We're supposed to live a little fairytale
A little dream
And dream dreams
You make me so happy
You make me the happiest I've been in a long time
And you
And those memories
Will always have that effect on me
Where are you?
Come back
And stay
Please come back and stay
For me?
Not a day goes by without me thinking about you
My life just
Isn't the same.
You told me your life wouldn't be the same without me
How are you?
How's life?
For you?
For me
I miss you more than I can stand
And more than I think you'll ever know
Which I hope isn't the case.
I miss you
And I love you
Is that terrible?

And you haven't even left yet..

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